The land of India mystical, majestic, enchanting and curious.  A letter to a pen pal drew Graham Staines a missionary from Australia to the heart of Baripada in Orissa-to work in a leprosy clinic. To serve the dying, the destitute the disenfranchised. That’s where the story begins. It culminated with great tragedy. But from that tragedy arose great triumph. A story of forgiveness, a story of redemption. The movie Staines that is coming soon to a theatre near you will showcase this legendary journey. One mans quest to not be able to forget that which he saw. the stark brutality of cruel horror. Disfigurement through the disease of leprosy-one that has a stain on civilization since the beginning of time.

But with it came a tenderness-words like Saibo echoed in the streets of that town as he waltzed through there merrily serving, caring, hoping redeeming. When you look at what this movie will produce will do. But when you look at the beauty that is captured, the cinematography that it explores, the village scenes that come alive and the lens through which we watch it-an objective view at subjective reality. Join us on this journey, ask us how we came across this story but more importantly watch with us as to what this story of redemption and hope will do and culminate that journey which a man took. because if you look over my shoulder there is an ocean which is called the Bay of Bengal and its southernmost tip it interacts with the Indian Ocean. You follow the Indian Ocean and you will hit Australia. That is the confluence of God’s amazing reality. I don’t think Graham knew when he set out on that journey that in this land he would find true love and he may also have to find stark hate. Burt all he did in this process was serve and uplift. The story is one of incredible beauty, the landscape is one of incredible majesty and I think you will agree with me when you see this that it does unfold and as we say in our own by-line the story is – Where the Quest for truth…Writes the story of love. Staines the movie coming soon….